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Mantua is 45 minutes from Verona, 55 minutes from Modena, and 2 hours from Milan and Venice. The station is a few minutes' walk from the city centre.
Stazione Ferroviaria
Piazza Don Leoni, 14
Information, bookings and tickets
Call center Trenitalia: 892021
Website : http://www.trenitalia.it


Mantua is on the A22 Modena-Brennero motorway (Mantova Nord exit is 4 km from the centre and Mantova Sud 11.5 km), A4 Milano – Venezia motorway, exit at Desenzano, Sirmione, Peschiera or Verona Sud, Autostrada del Sole A1, exit at Parma Est or Reggio Emilia.



APAM - Azienda Pubblica Autotrasporti Mantova
For the city and surrounding areas
Information and tickets
tel. 0376 2301
Free toll number 800-821194


  • Radiotaxi - Via Solferino, tel. 0376 368844 - 322298
  • Piazza Cavallotti c/o Teatro Sociale, tel. 0376 324407
  • Piazza Sordello Centro Storico, tel. 0376 324408
  • Piazza D. Leoni Ferrovie Stato, tel. 0376 325351
  • Viale Albertoni Ospedale C.Poma, tel. 0376 362491


  • AUTONOLEGGIO CAR HIRE WITH DRIVER- Via Valsesia, 42 - 0376322021
  • AUTONOLEGGIO MARY RENT, Via Pilla, 26 - Tel 0376 381293
  • AUTONOLEGGI POLATO srl – Cars Vans Mini vans, Piazza S. Giovanni, 4 - tel. 0376 323824 - 224417
  • L'AUTONOLEGGIO, Via Learco Guerra, 13 - tel. 348 5257157
  • TUROLA AUTONOLEGGIO, Via Fernelli, 38 – Tel 0376 320532
  • TAXI HIRE WITH DRIVER, Via Roma, 72 – Tel 0376 87454


Via Trieste tel. 0376 366677, 335 6054958

Sales - Repairs - Assistance and Hire
Viale Piave, 22/B - tel. 0376 220909
Book in advance for Sundays.


Grazie di Curtatone - Parco Paganini via Fiera, 11
Area16,900 sq m
Green areas 10,000 sq m of which1,000 sq m for children's play areas
103 camper places 45 sq. m each
Permanent structure with showers and toilets.
Facilities for the disabled.
Fully enclosed area, guardian, asphalted road and night time illumination
Stations for drinking water and power
Barbecue facilities

For information: Camper Solidale Mantova
Cell. 335 273937; 331 1126846
Website: http://www.camperclubmantova.com

Area Sparafucile
Via Legnago, Mantova
Open 8 - 22 daily
Parking fee: € 10 for 24 h
For information: 335 273937; 331 1126846


Check point, strada Cipata
Open every day, holidays included
Morning 8.30 – 13
Afternoon14 – 17
The pass is valid 24 h and provides access to the restricted traffic zone (ZTL BUS) with transit allowed along the routes indicated and parking in the following areas:
Strada Cipata, località Sparafucile (13 places)
Piazzale Montelungo(30 places)
Via Cremona, in the parking area alongside the main cemetery
A short stay of max 15 min is allowed to let passengers on and off the coach in viale Mincio, in the two specifically designated lay-bys.
Even with a pass coaches are not allowed to stop to let passengers on or off outside these areas unless taking them to hotels or restaurants outside the Ztl A and Ztl B. The stay should be as brief as possible.
Coaches without passes are authorized to enter the Ztl bus zone only to reach the check-point in strada Cipata, where the pass is sold.


Fee-paying car parks

  1. Via Trento
  2. Piazza D'Arco
  3. Piazza Seminario
  4. Piazza Arche
  5. Lungolago Gonzaga
  6. Via Mazzini (covered multi-storey)
  7. Piazzale Gramsci

Parking free of charge

  1. Viale Mincio
  2. Piazza Virgiliana
  3. Piazza Anconetta
  4. Piazzale Montelungo
  5. Campo Canoa

Coach parks

  1. Campo Canoa
  2. Piazzale Montelungo

Restricted zone (Ztl) access monitored by cameras

  1. Via Accademia
  2. Via Calvi
  3. Piazza Martiri di Belfiore
  4. Via Fernelli
  5. Via Tassoni
  6. Via Montanari
  7. Via Trieste
  8. Corso Libertà

Camper parking

Area Sparafucile
Via Legnago, Mantova
Open 8.00 - 22.00 daily
Parking only: € 10 for 24 h
For information: 335 273937; 331 1126846

Copyright by Comune di Mantova

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