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Ideas for the weekend, one, two or three days in Mantova: some suggestions to visit places of interest. These is an itinerary in the countryside. There is also walking cycling and boating to discover the surrounding countryside of the town.
Welcome to Mantova, a Unesco heritage city, which will amaze you with its rich artistic cultural heritage.
It is a unique city, where history and ancient art are in continuous contact with modern life. Museums, monuments, excursions and cultural events, are just some of the reasons to experience unique, unforgettable feelings.

Placed in the center of the Po Valley, the city of Mantova is surrouded by lakes. The first inhabitants were Etruscans in Sordello Square. From the XIV century, the Gonzagas developed the cultural and artistic profile of the city, whose urban and architectural structure still exists today. Througth four centuries of governments; the Dukes of Mantova engaged the most famous artists of the times, such as Leon Battista Alberti, Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano, Rubens and others. Their works, still mark the splendor of the town.

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IAT Tourist information and reception

Piazza Mantegna, 6 - Mantova
call center: +39.0376 432432
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Where the beauties of the past meets today's creativity – culture, productivity and learning.

bosco fontanaA choice of itineraries enables the visitor to see Mantua in all its different guises
Mirrored in the water of the lakes, Mantua's beauty appears to replicate. As the image disperses enchanting views appear before our eyes, shifting and varying according to the light and time of day.
The city's squares and hidden corners are evocative and add their own vitality to daily life, not simply drawing in and welcoming the visitor but creating energy and arousing emotions.

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How to get there


The nearest airport is at Villafranca in the province of Verona, 33 kilometres from Mantua.
The Mantuan tourist board now has an information desk in the Arrivals Hall . You can also purchase typical Mantuan specialities.
Other convenient airports are Montichiari, Brescia (Km. 60), Parma (Km. 60) , Bologna (Km. 100) and Orio al Serio, Bergamo (Km. 100).

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04The eight docking stations scattered throughout the city are located: in front of the station, at Campo Canoa, in the piazza at Porta Cerese, in viale Mincio, in piazza Anconetta, in via Castiglioni, in piazza Martiri di Belfiore and in corso Umberto.


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Farmer's market

tavola 3Every Saturday morning on Lungorio IV Novembre . The market sells local seasonal produce from around the Province. Farmer's markets are expanding rapidly due to the fact that they benefit the consumer and are bringing back many of the old traditions. Straight from the farmer, the produce is guaranteed genuine, fresh and top quality.

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