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The home of the Blessed Osanna Andreasi

In between two floors is a small consecrated chapel and a study with painted cupboards. On the main floor are four rooms of which one is entirely frescoed with trompe l'oeil architecture depicting columns, balustrades and Latin proverbs recorded on scrolls.
Another room houses the relics of the Blessed Osanna Andreasi (1449-1505). Set among hydrangeas, roses and officinal plants in the courtyard is a delightful porch with 15th century pink marble columns bearing the Andreasi coat of arms. The interior frescoes date from the 15th, 16th and, above a fireplace, 17th centuries; the decoration on the wooden coffered ceilings is still visible in parts, while the floors and stairs are made of terracotta and the fine doors of wood. It was purchased by nobleman Niccolò Andreasi in the mid 15th century as his family home. The house underwent minor changes in the early 16th century when Andreasi's daughter Osanna was beatified.
Property of the Andreasi family for centuries, the house passed in 1780 into the hands of the Magnaguti family by marriage. Conte Alessandro Magnaguti (1887 – 1966) bequeathed it to the Provincia Domenicana Utriusque Lombardiae to perpetuate the memory and cult of Blessed Osanna, who was a Tertiary of the Order and whose home it was.
Since 1935 it has been home to the Domenican Fraternity , who restored it and created a cultural centre for the circulation of Dominican spirituality and for the study of Thomistic philosophy. They established the Associazione per i Monumenti Domenicani in 1993. The house, which still conserves its vocation for philosophy, culture and mysticism,hosts courses on philosophy and art, comparative religion, conferences, book launches and exhibitions.

Via Pietro Frattini, 9
Tel. e Fax 0376 322297 - Cell.347/2399114 - 339/6624824
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Opening times:
Tuesday and Friday: 10.30 - 12.30; Thursday: 18 - 19
Daily by appointment.

Free but offers are welcome.

Individuals and groups are accompanied by volunteers from the Associazione per i Monumenti Domenicani.
Owned by: Provincia San Domenico in Italia.

Copyright by Comune di Mantova

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